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2004-2-3 · pegkerr posted a link to Wil Wheaton''s blog, and I nosed around his site for a bit. I came to the conclusion that it''s not easy, having once played Wesley Crusher. I can''t stand Wesley, but I have to say that Wheaton himself seems like a neat guy, and a human one. A simple glimpse into his morning…

Wesley Crusher/Robin Lefler snippet

A snippet of a sequel to Return Flight, but since it''s a flashback, nothing in there is really relevant. Wesley remembers the Academy, room B-412. He forgets the Stardate, because on Earth he got in the habit of using the old calendar (October 12th, Sunday). The transport was due at 1400. It arrived 18 minutes late (a delay clearing the landing ...

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2016-8-28 · Yay, ich bin wieder da. And I come bearing gifts. Na ja, eine Story, um genau zu sein. In Deutsch. In einem für mich absolut unvertrautem Fandom ..

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2013-2-6 · Logistical issues mean I''ve got a spare ticket for the gig in Leeds on Thursday evening (17th), if anyone wants it. The ticket has £25 on the face of it (although I think I paid something like £4_000_000 in booking fees), but make me an offer and we''ll see what we can do.

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2016-11-24 · So, here we are. It is Mother''s Day again and I still hate it. Yes, we are going through the adoption process, but it isn''t real yet. I''m tired of well meaning people telling me that they too struggled with having children and eventually got pregnant by praying.

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2021-9-16 · We translated Homura''s attacks, too, even though she''s all Japanese-style. Her attacks just have too many words to leave them in a language that the readers don''t necessarily know. Fast forward to more recent chapters with more Jinn, and we''re like, …

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Face Up Leg: Hooked Leg Pinfall, Bow And Arrow Hold. Face Down Head: La Magistral, Knee Stamp (Arm) Face Down Leg: Hooked-Leg Pinfall, Torture Romero Sp. Down (running): Stomping. Corner Grapple: Mount Knuckle Arrow, Tornado DDT, Kinniku Buster. Double Team: Total Elimination, Double Muscle, Ura Mashu.

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2010-5-18 · Calling all movie lovers Here''s a way to support Best Friends just by playing on the Internet! Simply follow this link to jinni , join for free, and the site will give you video and TV recommendations by analyzing your movie personality type. Your preferences are examined according to plot and actors, as well as more sophisticated factors like mood.

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2011-1-17 · direcrusher - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon. Я вот прочитал в своем вопросе ответ пользователя Оксана, и она желает, чтобы я вообще изчез.

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2008-10-20 · Welcome to pc_daily ! It''s great to see that there''s still some Picard/Crusher love out there. :D pc_daily is a daily screencap community, but I''d love to have everyone get involved. Fanart is welcome here, so if you''re an icon maker, fanvidder, etc., feel free to post your creations.

New Fic: "Baby, won''t you please come home ...

Because of the length of this story I split it up in three parts. But don''t worry...the story is finished (come on...you KNOW I don''t do WIP''s, yes?) and will be posted today. So now enjoy. Bev Title: Baby, won''t you please come home Author: Beverly aka Bev *too* Rating: NC-17 Fandom/Pairing:…

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This is primarily for iconmakers who use PNGs. Photoshop is bad at optimizing PNGs. Trust me when I say this. OptiPNG - it''s a free optimization tool that losslessly compresses the size of PNG files. It''s main downfall is that it''s techy (command line based and on Macs, you have to compile the…

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2009-12-7 · 6. Let me do simple things like hold a door open, or walk on the street side, without making a big fuss. 7. A massage is a sure way to win points. My body is convinced I do more than I actually do, so my muscles are always tensed. 8. A wry sense of humor tempered with a bit of common sense.

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2012-10-16 · Crush washers are maybe the most misused kind of seal in automotive work. They''re commonly found any time a threaded fastener has to seal in a liquid; the most common example is the crush washer under the oil drain plug of most cars. Tighten the …

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2020-12-28 · It''s the little pieces that make a world. The way no one drinks coffee because it hasn''t been discovered yet or the way the trees smell. Little pieces make worlds feel real to me. (thanks lanna_kitty ). I like falling into a world, even if its simply a magical one, or …

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2020-1-8 · Superset Skull crusher 27kg = 4 x 8+ Dumbbell Curls 16kg = 4 x 6 Concentration Curls 16kg = 4 x 6 Press ups 20kg = 20+10+10+5+5 = 50 Barbell Curls 40kg = 3 x 8 Rope pulldowns + REverse Cable Curls 27.5 = 4 x 8 Thursday Rest Went for Sausage, mash, cabbage and onion gravy at my cousin''s place. So missed training night.

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2011-4-4 · neveroniac - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

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2008-3-13 · mosca and I ended up needing 15 other writers, along with ourselves, to make sure everyone had a story so we wanted to say thank you, THANK YOU! to those wonderful people. So we posted to our friendslist and! under the cut, is a bunch of goodies for these awesome back-up writers. And! under the second cut is a list of the back-up writers'' requests from femslash07 that we weren''t …

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2013-7-26 · Candy Crusher Hacked. Description : Candy Crusher Hacked - The hairs strange sweet candy cock came a candy mainland, here it is a paradise for candy, it is reluctant to leave, intends to continue to candy the center of the continent to depth, but full of temptation but also throughout the crisis, we work together to help it reach the destination through the dangerous!

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Wesley Crusher Livejournal "The Coven of Taos-9," by R. J. Theodore, in Unfettered Hexes Episodes 48 and 51 of We Make Books, featuring Hilary B. Bisenieks Join us next month, when Jen Karner and dave ring will be our guests!

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Title: The Mountain Rose Before Me Author: beatrice_otter Fandom: Star Trek Rating: G Characters: T''Lar, Sarek, Uhura Word Count: 3,196 Warnings: none Summary: The fal-tor-pan is an ancient and dangerous rite, unused for centuries. It is not done lightly. High Priestess T''Lar considers. AN: This fic was inspired by Killabeez''s excellent vid Dante''s Prayer. Thank you to the Vulcan Language ...

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2017-1-18 · Title: Pleasure Fandom: Star Trek TNG Pairing: Wesley/Riker, Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Wesley/Riker, other variations of the four Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 5384 Warnings: sam and dean are turned (vampires) Summary: Wesley and Riker find themselves with their favorite duo again. This time things take an even more interesting turn. Disclaimer: If I owned them then I wouldn''t …

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By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal''s User agreement. No account? Create an account alex_crusher (alex_crusher) wrote, 2012-11-22 08:32:00. alex_crusher alex_crusher 2012-11-22 08:32:00. Share Flag; Just 6 Weeks . Would you like to …

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2008-4-28 · Q is watching Jean-Luc Picard play chess with Beverly Crusher. He doesn''t feel like being observed, so he is not. Another member of the Continuum flickers in beside him, observing his observations. "I don''t understand why you spend so much time watching this corner of the universe, Q." Q waves at the chess board. "Watch."


2021-2-17 · The drummer begins to drum. I don''t know which way I''m going. I don''t know which way I''ve come. Find us a trap door, find us a plane. Tell the survivors help is on the way. I was a blind fool, never complained. All the survivors singing in the rain. I was the one with the world at my feet.

Wesley Crusher 7:12 AM …

2017-6-10 · Pastebin is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.

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By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal''s User agreement. No account? Create an account icecrusher_i_b (icecrusher_i_b) wrote, 2011-07-22 11:44:00. icecrusher_i_b icecrusher_i_b 2011-07-22 11:44:00. Previous; Share Flag; Next [Translation] 2011.09 Myojo - Inoo Kei ...

Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher on gay marraige

Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher on gay marraige. Well, Wil Wheaton posted a brief article with his thoughts on the gay marriage issue, particularly as it pertains to the proposed constitutional amendment. It''s a very good article. In other news, I''m still sick, and I''m …